Sal Filipelli Interview

Sal Filipelli doesn’t just seize opportunities, he creates them.

The singer-songwriter keeps busy promoting events that help musicians like him get that all-important exposure. In 2011, Filipelli launched a concert series at San Diego City College, ran a stage at the Art Around Adams Festival, and hosted a night at the House of Blues, in between writing and producing. Don’t expect him to slow down any time soon, Filipelli still has a lot left to accomplish in 2012 and beyond.

Filipelli launched the Spring Concert Series at San Diego City College, and brought ten different acts to perform for students during the semester.

“I’m a senator which gives me a vote on spending money. They laughed when I said it would cost $10,000 to put on a music festival, so I put together the concert series,” Filipelli said.

A number of sponsors were recruited to support the event including El Zarape, La Casita and Papa John’s restaurants; UCLA Radio, The Local 94/9, 91X and Ernie Ball.

Since he’s also a musician, Filipelli often performs at the events he produces. He did a set during the City College concert series, and also took to the stage during the Art Around Adams event. Filipelli booked the acts that played on the Black Cherry Productions/SK8 Box stage. His company, Not British Productions, worked with Black Cherry Productions again on an event at the House of Blues to present Three Degrees of Center, Social Club, Almost New, and Foreign Film. Filipelli says that if the first one is successful, they may continue to bring bands to the venue.

Another collaboration with Black Cherry Productions was about more than spotlighting local artists, it was a celebration of life. A memorial for Dave Isabelle led into tribute concert at Humphrey’s lounge featuring a dozen acts playing into the night.

He spent a lot of time in the last year producing other artists, helping them put together demos and get their music heard. He brought R&B artist Reece on FM 94/9 with Tim Pyles to premiere his new single.

Now Filipelli is ready to finish a new album of his own. The material on the new album will be eclectic. He may also revisit his last album, which he rushed to get out. Before reissuing it, he will do some remixing and add strings to the acoustic tracks. Another project he’s considering for 2012 is a cover album. He’s been challenging himself by learning songs from Stevie Wonder’s body of work.

It’s not all hard work, though. Filipelli takes time to enjoy the rewards of his hard work. His own music did well, getting a lot of radio play, and he was invited to join the Grammy association. One of the perks of membership was getting the chance to attend the Grammy Awards and hang out with music industry legend Clive Davis, future legends The Roots, and the legendary curves of Kim Kardashian.

“Other than that I’ve been pretty much growing a beard and watching Muhammad Ali videos on YouTube,” Filipelli jokes, adding, “He inspires me even though he’s not a musician. He overcame every obstacle.”

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