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Summer Comedy: Feel the Burn

Come down the shore and soak up the comedy. I know it’s tempting to just stay home and watch BoJack Horseman on Netflix, but if I was you, I’d be saving stuff to watch for winter, when it sucks outside anyway. For real, you’ll thank me.

I’m peeling myself off the couch for a guaranteed all killer no filler live stand up comedy show in San Diego this month.

The show is gonna be Friday, August 14 at Westy’s in Ocean Beach with headliner, San Diego’s Funniest Person 2015, Dallas McLaughlin. Dallas is not only very funny, but he gave me the single best piece of fashion advice I’ve ever heard: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

I always look great now.

RSVP here & after the show I’ll let you see the scar on my elbow I got surfing that one time.

Stand up comedy at Westy's in San Diego

Man, I’m still pissed at Jeremy for letting me go out on a board with no leash. That’s just a messed up thing to do to a first timer, you know?  I could’ve fully died or something.  I’m thinking of getting a body board, just to fuck around with, you know? I don’t have time to really get good at surfing nowadays. Some fins and a body board would be chill, just mess around after work, blow off some steam.

Parking by the beach sucks, especially on the weekends, and especially in summer, so I suggest you ride your long board down there, maybe get your friend Heather to tow you with her beach cruiser, the one with the teal glitter paint, white tires, and plastic woven basket on the handlebars.


Just don’t let her have a second sugar free Monster before you guys head out. You know she gets all spazzed out if she has two Monsters, and then she starts talking about how much she hates the new hostess at work, and she gets all pissed and just keeps pedaling faster and faster. I don’t want you to get speed wobbles on Sunset Cliffs and eat shit on your way to the show. That would be so lame.

But you should totally come.




Christmas video! Gifts for kids!

Here is my first comedy video. It’s just me on my couch, sharing ideas with all you other childless trainwrecks on great Christmas gifts to buy for other people’s kids.

There will be more comedy videos to come. Hopefully, the next one will be in-focus and with better lighting (Is my hallway haunted?).

Thanks for watching and sharing. And, hey, if the fine people at Jack Daniels Whiskey, Ruffles potato chips, or Beats Audio would like to offer me lucrative sponsorship deals, I ain’t allergic to money or merchandise. I am allergic to cats and penicillin, so please do not send me either of those.

Now go finish your shopping and I’ll see you in 2015.